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Top Mobile Internet Trends: Matt Murphy / Mary Meeker

First presented in February 2011, this deck is one of the best in-depth looks at the global mobile marketplace that you can pick up off the net.  The link below will allow you to download a PDF version from


Things you should have read last week

I’m playing around with the idea of adding a post periodically called “the Baker’s Dozen” or Stuff You Should Have Seen (SYSHS) or some other compilation of things relevant, interesting or bizarre.  It is not meant to be comprehensive or intellectually robust – but rather a smattering of things that you may find useful.  

So this week’s SYSHS would look like this:

 The Google Docs app for Android now with Web Clipboard and in 46 languages

HP single-handedly destroys non-iPad tablet market

Electric Utilities Investing $4.1 Billion by 2018 to Secure Smart Grids

The Mystery of the Disappearing UDID

Thanks, Steve

Tampa Bay Buccaneers buy each player an iPad to hold playbook, videos

Three apps for tracking hurricanes on Android

Stanley Kubrick invented the tablet computer

Total Mobile Infrastructure Market Grows at its Fastest Rate Since 2004

HomePipe wins 2011 Golden Bridge Award

Let me know what you think.  And as you can see from the links what sort of stuff I’m using as sources.  Recommend some.  Now go and learn something.




mCommerce Market Map

mCommerce Market Map – First Partner

An example of a Market Map that was developed by UK Advisory firm First Partner.

Welcome to LAVA Mobile

In the next several months the LAVA Mobile group will initiate indepth coverage of mobile technology and mobile business models with a focus on southern California’s dynamic mobile community.  We believe mobile enabled technology, products and services will be among the most important innovations of the next several decades.