Stuff You Should Have Seen this week

This week’s assortment of topical, interesting, bizarre online materials focused on mobile tech, business models, behavior and economics.

Healthcare IT Deparments must adopt strategies –

Early Adopters Flock to Android – PC Magazine

Father of JAVA leaves Google for Liquid Robotics – San Jose Mercury News

SF Police (did) help Apple search for lost iPhone 5 – Mobile Beat

US Sues to block AT&T acquisiton of T-Mobile – SF Chronicle

PogoPlug enables streaming from home to mobile devices – Pad Gadget

Wireless networks stand up to ravages of Irene – NY Times

Financial Times iOS End-Run a Model for Media – Business Insider

CNN acquires App maker Zite for $20M – Globe & Mail

  The Future of the Internet – Read Write Web



5 Social Media trends for the Enterprise – Brainyard

LaunchPad winners to present at Mobilize 2011 – GigaOM

go forth and learn.  have a good week.


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