Verizon hangs up on pay phones

With the number of wireless devices (327 M) exceeding the number of people (312 M) in the US by 25 million, it is little wonder that the pay phone will join the growing list of products (cameras, GPS sets, netbooks) that are being rendered obsolete by the ubiquitous computing devices.  More here:  Verizon Disconnects From Most Of Its Pay Phones

What’s next for the growing list of obsolete products? Just about anything that still requires coins are sinking fast – vending machines and parking meters that haven’t been converted will soon be.  And as Near Field Communications becomes a common feature on smartphones it won’t be long before there will be little need for carrying cash, coins, credit or debit cards.  Who knew that when they talked about computer’s driving a paperless future, it was the future of paper money that was bleak!



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