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Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

A quick guide to the mobile technology and business news that educates, enervates, encourages or elucidates from last week.  These are the stories that caught our attention – Nov 20 – 26. 

Android smartphone makers pretty dumb about security – Bit9

Experts concerned Google’s unconcerned – PC World

Frankly, SABAM, the EU doesn’t give a damn – Court of Justice of the European Union

DISTMO report Mobile headaches for IT – IT World

CEVA’s 20/20 vision – PR Newswire

Mobile payments cashes in on Black Friday – PayPal blog

appMobi unleashes HTML5 source – appMobi

Dude – you’re a barista – YouTube

What could possibly go wrong? – the Brainyard

Telefonica tests NFC enabled blackberrys – RIM

Free mobile recruiting tool – SmartRecruiters

Nokia Siemens sheds jobs in transition to mobile broadband – GigaOM

Deworsification – the Guardian

App Store game subscription a non-starter – Tech Crunch

So that it about enough for the week.  Go out and learn something.


LSMFT: Singfit promotes brain health

What’s news:  Musical Health Technologies has announced the debut of their innovative use of public domain music to improve wellness – Singfit.  Using music to help patients with brain disorders (trauma, disease, developmental problems) has an interesting history.  Developed by a music therapist, Singfit allows even those musically challenged, to get the benefits associated with singing.  The subscription based service is available for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

About:  SingFit promotes health and well-being by enabling successful singing experiences for practically everyone, including those with Alzheimer’s, autism, brain injuries, impaired vision, and other special needs. Developed by a board certified music therapist, SingFit’s unique Lyric Coach system digitizes a music therapy tool, Lyric Cueing, allowing users to spontaneously participate in joyful and life enhancing singing experiences. Scientific research reveals that singing in general can help reduce pain and stress, boost immune system fortitude, increase the ability to focus and promote brain plasticity and activity. SingFit’s handicapped accessible technology is designed for healthcare professionals, and is easily used by patients, family members and caregivers alike. The SingFit app and a collection of public domain songs are free to download from the Apple App store, and can be used with iPhone, iPad and iTouch hardware.

Background:  There has been a fair amount of research into the evolution of singing (and dancing) and the potential health benefits of music.  Studies have shown singing helps people with asthma and bronchitis.  Other studies have demonstrated an increase immune response in singers and a British research group found singing is helpful with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.  There are anecdotes about patients in nursing homes with total memory loss able to play musical instruments they learned in their youth far after they can remember nothing else.

LSMFT:  Local Significant Mobile Focus Today

LSMFT: HipGeo releases public geolocation API

What’s news:  Fullerton start-up HipGeo enables smartphones to capture route and location specific information through their geolocation platform.  The app is persistent and passive recording of where the phone goes.  The Application Programming Interface (API) and widgets released late last week enables developers to add location information and maps into the developers sites and applications.

From the press release: 

HipGeo launched its travel-tracking app in September 2011. Users can download HipGeo from the Apple App Store at, and then record and share their trips through Facebook, Twitter, email, text or with an embedded HipGeo player on their blogs or web sites. Viewers of these trips can then see animated maps of the user’s travels as well as slide shows of photos organized by location. Travelers can also share information such as locations, routes, places, comments, and photos.

About:  HipGeo is a Los Angeles-based developer of a location-aware website and smartphone apps that automatically create a record of the places users go. The company was funded in May 2011, and its iPhone app was released in September 2011. The lead investor in HipGeo is Morado Venture Partners, a seed-stage fund run by former Yahoo! executives Ash Patel and Michael Marquez; other investors include Galen Buckwalter, former chief scientist of eHarmony, and prominent San Diego-based angel investor Robert Bingham.

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Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

Did you know that there about 300 articles a week published about mobile technology and businesses.  I didn’t either – I just made that number up.  In any case, here are a dozen+ things mobile that are delicious, delightful, decadent or defining about mobile for last week – Nov 13-19. 

Cisco preps WebEx and Jabber for a post-PC world – eWeek

Support Overt Pandering Act – Committee on the Judiciary


Salvation Army marches on digital payments – NY Times

Intel 4004 at 40 – YouTube

Twilight for box offices – MarketWatch

GoMo Mobilizes in Mobile –

Amazing trend:  People download free apps – Digital Trends

Turkey moving forward as cashless utopia – the guardian

Universities discover students own smartphones – Mashable

Insurance Industry discovers customers own smartphones – Frost & Sullivan

Retailers discover shoppers own smartphones – Chicago Tribune

Healthcare industry discovers doctors own smartphones – InformationWeek 

RIM deep discounts Playbook – Toronto Star 

Birst into BI on iPad – TabTimes

j2 gives eVoice to iPad – j2

Fool me once – Google Mobile Blog

SuperOneClick on Fire – ReadWrite Mobile

7 Billion People, 6 Billion Mobile Connections – GSM World

Thank you for checking us out.  Now go out and learn something.  Have a good week.


LSMFT: Paperlinks makes menus to go

What’s news:  Companies are finding new and creative means of incorporating QR codes into their marketing, advertising or even product delivery campaigns.  Paperlinks, the YCombinator graduate and local QR code generator for business, announced a new service in which they will develop a hyperlink to downloadable menus for restaurants.  Paperlinks has pioneered the use of designed QR codes which can include a logo that takes the user to a specific landing page.  And that landing page can be anything online – tweets, calendars, video, app, contact info or menus.   

With the release of Order Takeout, Paperlinks gives busy people a novel way of interacting with a restaurant.  Updating the takeout menu by making it an entry point to an iPhone app or any QR enabled device. Diners can scan Paperlinks-enabled takeout menus and order their food by tapping on their phones.

About:  Paperlinks’ mission is to hyperlink the real world. Using its intuitive web interface, Paperlinks can help businesses quickly generate a Quick Response (QR) bar code or SMS campaign that will serve as a smartphone-readable hyperlink to engaging web content. By using Paperlinks, companies of all sizes can create a highly engaging real world hyperlink and presence on the mobile web in under 5 minutes. These real world links can trigger offers, videos, photos, contact information and more, making offline media come alive with online content. The Paperlinks mobile app is now available in the iTunes App Store, serving mobile landing pages on the go.  

Background:  Quick Response codes  were invented by a subsidiary (Denso Wave) of auto manufacture Toyota over 15 years ago.  These two-dimensional, next generation links that can be made of a variety of data types are the successor to the ubiquitous bar codes.  Bar codes found a place in supply chains, inventory control and point of sales devices where scanners were the input devices.  The QR Code designers, developers, enterprises and consumer businesses are just beginning to exploit a world where everyone is carrying a scanner. 

This is not just an opportunity for consumers to find information.  It enables retailers to tailor the shopping experience.  It facilitates a path for companies to directly interact with customers about their products or services.  It leads to stronger engagement between brands and their consumers.  And ultimately this will lead to faster, frequent transactions by consumers with the companies that take advantage of this technology.

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LSMFT: TruConnect Mobile lights Fire with 3G

What’s news:  TruConnect Mobile, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), now offers a no-contract pay-as-you-go wireless internet service for owners of the new Kindle Fire .  Pairing the company’s MiFi mobile hotspot and the service offering through Sprint’s network, the Fire becomes a 3G device allowing users to access the internet anywhere they can get a signal.

About:   TruConnect Mobile LLC is a Los Angeles-based company that delivers low-cost mobile Internet service. The service is aimed at business professionals and the casual Internet user and includes no contracts, no tethering charges and no overage fees. TruConnect runs on the Sprint nationwide network, which covers 97 percent of the U.S. 

Background:  MVNOs basically buy minutes of use on carrier’s networks, sets a price for their service to consumers or businesses and operates without need for spectrum or infrastructure.  Popular in Europe, MNVOs were originally a means for a MNO (Mobile Network Operator) to extend their coverage in areas where they did not have spectrum, infrastructure or radio access network.  MVNOs are not simple resellers of carrier bandwidth but put a fair amount of effort into branding themselves and offering value added services (i.e. customer support) or novel business models.

LSMFT – Local Significant Mobile Focus Today – news about mobile tech, businesses and applications from local companies.

Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

Another week, another set of announcements, stories, opinions and information about the wireless universe that captivate, convince or confuse.  Another group of things you should have paid attention to last week – Nov 6-12.

Strobe lights Facebook – Strobe

Flash in the mobile pan – Adobe

Mobile Telcos plan on making high quality voice calls a premium service – CNN

Quick Killing – Activision

Bullet Proof Mobile Phone – Verizon

Stop Wireless Hegemony – stopsmartmeters dot org

Stop Stupid People – the smoking gun

Mobilizing Mobile – ClickZ

iPhone battery drain update drains battery faster – Apple Support Communities

codesigning off – YouTube

Cutting the deficit – The Whitehouse

Nook vs Fire – Information Week

Cloud in a box – ReadWriteWeb

Do they deliver? – Bloomberg BusinessWeek

SF City Officials a danger to cell phone dealers – SF Gate

This is not your father’s Etch a Sketch – Tablet Planet

A chicken in every pot and broadband in every house – LA Times

That’s enough for one week.  Now go out and learn something.