LSMFT – Towerstream buys into Los Angeles market

Whats news:  Towerstream acquired the network assets and customer base of Color Broadband Communications – a Los Angeles based 4G service provider that offers air and land IP-based broadband connectivity to local governments, associations and businesses.  An Alternative Carrier, Color Broadband offered 4G wireless, cloud telephony, SIP trunking, VCO and wholesale VOIP.  CBCI is one of the largest ISPs in California and is largest acquisition Towerstream has made.  

About:  Towerstream is a leading 4G service provider in the U.S., delivering high-speed wireless Internet access to businesses. Founded in 2000, the Company has established networks in over 12 markets including New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay area, Miami, Seattle, Dallas-Fort Worth, Nashville, Las Vegas-Reno and the greater Providence area where the Company is based. In 2011, Towerstream launched its Manhattan Wi-Fi network geared towards mobile operators, retail/daily deal providers and Wi-Fi operators. 

Background:  The Alternative Carrier Industry got off to a fast start at the end of the millenium.  Global communications deregulation, Y2K and the Internet lead to the founding, rapid growth and funding of high-flying tech stocks that rocketed through $100B.  When debts and bonds defaulted about a decade ago, the high fliers crashed spectacularly – Worldcom, FLAG Telephone and Global Crossing became the most infamous.  Today the Alternative Carrier universe features companies like Towerstream (TWER), Cogent Communications (CCOI) ,  Neutral Tandem (TNDM) and survivors from the tech boom/bust period, Level3 (LVLT) and AboveNet (ABVT). 

LSMFT – Local Significant Mobile Focus Today


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