Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

Another week, another set of announcements, stories, opinions and information about the wireless universe that captivate, convince or confuse.  Another group of things you should have paid attention to last week – Nov 6-12.

Strobe lights Facebook – Strobe

Flash in the mobile pan – Adobe

Mobile Telcos plan on making high quality voice calls a premium service – CNN

Quick Killing – Activision

Bullet Proof Mobile Phone – Verizon

Stop Wireless Hegemony – stopsmartmeters dot org

Stop Stupid People – the smoking gun

Mobilizing Mobile – ClickZ

iPhone battery drain update drains battery faster – Apple Support Communities

codesigning off – YouTube

Cutting the deficit – The Whitehouse

Nook vs Fire – Information Week

Cloud in a box – ReadWriteWeb

Do they deliver? – Bloomberg BusinessWeek

SF City Officials a danger to cell phone dealers – SF Gate

This is not your father’s Etch a Sketch – Tablet Planet

A chicken in every pot and broadband in every house – LA Times

That’s enough for one week.  Now go out and learn something.


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