LSMFT: Paperlinks makes menus to go

What’s news:  Companies are finding new and creative means of incorporating QR codes into their marketing, advertising or even product delivery campaigns.  Paperlinks, the YCombinator graduate and local QR code generator for business, announced a new service in which they will develop a hyperlink to downloadable menus for restaurants.  Paperlinks has pioneered the use of designed QR codes which can include a logo that takes the user to a specific landing page.  And that landing page can be anything online – tweets, calendars, video, app, contact info or menus.   

With the release of Order Takeout, Paperlinks gives busy people a novel way of interacting with a restaurant.  Updating the takeout menu by making it an entry point to an iPhone app or any QR enabled device. Diners can scan Paperlinks-enabled takeout menus and order their food by tapping on their phones.

About:  Paperlinks’ mission is to hyperlink the real world. Using its intuitive web interface, Paperlinks can help businesses quickly generate a Quick Response (QR) bar code or SMS campaign that will serve as a smartphone-readable hyperlink to engaging web content. By using Paperlinks, companies of all sizes can create a highly engaging real world hyperlink and presence on the mobile web in under 5 minutes. These real world links can trigger offers, videos, photos, contact information and more, making offline media come alive with online content. The Paperlinks mobile app is now available in the iTunes App Store, serving mobile landing pages on the go.  

Background:  Quick Response codes  were invented by a subsidiary (Denso Wave) of auto manufacture Toyota over 15 years ago.  These two-dimensional, next generation links that can be made of a variety of data types are the successor to the ubiquitous bar codes.  Bar codes found a place in supply chains, inventory control and point of sales devices where scanners were the input devices.  The QR Code designers, developers, enterprises and consumer businesses are just beginning to exploit a world where everyone is carrying a scanner. 

This is not just an opportunity for consumers to find information.  It enables retailers to tailor the shopping experience.  It facilitates a path for companies to directly interact with customers about their products or services.  It leads to stronger engagement between brands and their consumers.  And ultimately this will lead to faster, frequent transactions by consumers with the companies that take advantage of this technology.

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