Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

Did you know that there about 300 articles a week published about mobile technology and businesses.  I didn’t either – I just made that number up.  In any case, here are a dozen+ things mobile that are delicious, delightful, decadent or defining about mobile for last week – Nov 13-19. 

Cisco preps WebEx and Jabber for a post-PC world – eWeek

Support Overt Pandering Act – Committee on the Judiciary


Salvation Army marches on digital payments – NY Times

Intel 4004 at 40 – YouTube

Twilight for box offices – MarketWatch

GoMo Mobilizes in Mobile –

Amazing trend:  People download free apps – Digital Trends

Turkey moving forward as cashless utopia – the guardian

Universities discover students own smartphones – Mashable

Insurance Industry discovers customers own smartphones – Frost & Sullivan

Retailers discover shoppers own smartphones – Chicago Tribune

Healthcare industry discovers doctors own smartphones – InformationWeek 

RIM deep discounts Playbook – Toronto Star 

Birst into BI on iPad – TabTimes

j2 gives eVoice to iPad – j2

Fool me once – Google Mobile Blog

SuperOneClick on Fire – ReadWrite Mobile

7 Billion People, 6 Billion Mobile Connections – GSM World

Thank you for checking us out.  Now go out and learn something.  Have a good week.



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