LSMFT: Singfit promotes brain health

What’s news:  Musical Health Technologies has announced the debut of their innovative use of public domain music to improve wellness – Singfit.  Using music to help patients with brain disorders (trauma, disease, developmental problems) has an interesting history.  Developed by a music therapist, Singfit allows even those musically challenged, to get the benefits associated with singing.  The subscription based service is available for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

About:  SingFit promotes health and well-being by enabling successful singing experiences for practically everyone, including those with Alzheimer’s, autism, brain injuries, impaired vision, and other special needs. Developed by a board certified music therapist, SingFit’s unique Lyric Coach system digitizes a music therapy tool, Lyric Cueing, allowing users to spontaneously participate in joyful and life enhancing singing experiences. Scientific research reveals that singing in general can help reduce pain and stress, boost immune system fortitude, increase the ability to focus and promote brain plasticity and activity. SingFit’s handicapped accessible technology is designed for healthcare professionals, and is easily used by patients, family members and caregivers alike. The SingFit app and a collection of public domain songs are free to download from the Apple App store, and can be used with iPhone, iPad and iTouch hardware.

Background:  There has been a fair amount of research into the evolution of singing (and dancing) and the potential health benefits of music.  Studies have shown singing helps people with asthma and bronchitis.  Other studies have demonstrated an increase immune response in singers and a British research group found singing is helpful with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.  There are anecdotes about patients in nursing homes with total memory loss able to play musical instruments they learned in their youth far after they can remember nothing else.

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