Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

A quick guide to the mobile technology and business news that educates, enervates, encourages or elucidates from last week.  These are the stories that caught our attention – Nov 20 – 26. 

Android smartphone makers pretty dumb about security – Bit9

Experts concerned Google’s unconcerned – PC World

Frankly, SABAM, the EU doesn’t give a damn – Court of Justice of the European Union

DISTMO report Mobile headaches for IT – IT World

CEVA’s 20/20 vision – PR Newswire

Mobile payments cashes in on Black Friday – PayPal blog

appMobi unleashes HTML5 source – appMobi

Dude – you’re a barista – YouTube

What could possibly go wrong? – the Brainyard

Telefonica tests NFC enabled blackberrys – RIM

Free mobile recruiting tool – SmartRecruiters

Nokia Siemens sheds jobs in transition to mobile broadband – GigaOM

Deworsification – the Guardian

App Store game subscription a non-starter – Tech Crunch

So that it about enough for the week.  Go out and learn something.


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