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Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

Lots going on with families and friends and festivus – so here are the things that you should have seen from the mobilecosm that are fast, fresh, fastidious and frequently frivolous.  For the week of Dec 18 – 24.

A trillion playbacks a year – YouTube

220 Million Domain Names– Verisign

A million apps – Information Week

Epic Fail – eWeek

Boston Globe HTML5 –

56 .gov agencies, 1500 domains, 11,000 websites –

RIM on the brink – Boy Genius Report

Nope – Sci-Tech Today

Akamai steps on the accelerator – Streaming Media Blog

Retailers going mobile – FierceMobileIT

NGOs going mobile – The Globe and Mail

Facebook on top again – Experian Hitwise

All that glitters – Gresso

White open Spaces – FCC

iPhones are for games – GamesBeat

Have a good week.  If you have any free time, get out and learn!


Women in Mobile Tech

The Wall Street Journal Small Business blog – Digits – features an article on a New York based incubator that is recruiting women founders and co-founders starting mobile businesses.  We are beginning to see quite a number of incubators focused on particular industries or technologies or market spaces.  So it is not surprising to see incubators focused on underserved segments of the start-up communities.  Anything that encourages broader participation in start-ups and entrepreneurship is valuable.

Women Innovate Mobile opened its application today to start-ups with a woman founder or co-founder and a product that is related to mobile. The accelerator will offer two to five start-ups free New York office space, mentoring and coaching, access to venture capitalists and other investors in addition to $18,000 in seed funding, $10,000 worth of product development and design support, and $10,000 worth of mobile marketing promotions.

Next month I will be participating in a Women in LAVA program on effective business plans.  So I’m beginning to look at articles/studies that highlight various ways that start-ups and business plans put together by women entrepreneurs are unique or differentiated.  The number of women starting up businesses or participating in startups is rising significantly.  Yet  the majority of businesses, especially tech businesses, that appear before Angel screening sessions or pitch VCs are founded and run by men.  Angels and VCs undoubtedly care much more about the team, markets, scaling and viability of the business than about the gender of the founders and early executives.  The goal of the program next month is to help founders and early team members be comfortable and confident when interacting with investors by being prepared with a pitch, plans, strategies and business models that work.

Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

Winding down and the volume of interesting announcements, technology and market trends will be crowded out by year-end ‘best of’ lists and ‘what you can expect’ prognostications.  So here is a compilation of mobile tech, business models and ephemera that energize, enlighten and enervate – for the week of Dec 11 – 17.

Gold Stars for Everyone! – Mobile Village

We’re Number 17! – PC World

We can be Number 3! – Bloomberg

We’re Number 1! – ReadWriteWeb

Nice Machine Controller you have there – shame if anything happened to it – Reverse Mode

Cisco Connected World

Apphole – Business Insurance

Shares with Friends – Fierce Mobile Content

Intel jumps on NFC bandwagon – GigaOM

Checkout TapBuy –   eCommerce Bytes

x86 Android Apps – Infoworld

But it is just a single line of code – TeleNav

Watching Polar Bears in San Diego – San Diego Zoo

A million here, a million there and soon you’re talking real numbers – BGR

Something for nothing – PR Newswire

So that is probably enough for this week.  Go out and learn something.

Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

A compilation of mobile tech and business news, notices and nonsense for the week of Dec 4 -10. 

All Aboard Wireless – KCET

An actual blue screen of death – PC Week

An Apple a day – Wired Enterprise

Its the data, stupid – eWeek

Its the data, stupid 2 – Information Week

Mobile Healthcare Investment Fund comes to Life – Qualcomm

Swimming against the Flipboard – TechCrunch

Motorola bites Apple in Europe –

Personal transportation – an app for that – DigiInfo

Where size really matters – Jakob Nielsen

The root of the problem –

#letsfly – Twitter

There’s an award for that – MarketWire

Worst Wireless Carrier – Mobile Beat

Get Lost! – BusinessWeek

That’s it for last weeks SYSHS.  Now go out and learn something.