LSMFT: LiveViewGPS launches tracking device

What:  Wireless location based service product and service provider LiveViewGPS announced the release of its latest tracking device – Live Trac EZ GPS Vehicle Tracker.  The receiver plugs into the On-Board Diagnostic Port (OBD) – a standard data technician interface on vehicles sold after 1996.  Plug in the tracker and you can remotely monitor the car’s location at a 10 second update rate.  The device can be used as part of a fleet tracking service, monitoring vehicle use by teenage drivers or asset management.

Background:  Tracking is accomplished using satellite positioning systems, a digital cellular network and the internet.   Location data is transmitted via a digital cellular network through to LiveViewGPS’ servers where the information can be remotely viewed on any standard browser.

Some of LiveViewGPS personal tracking devices (i.e., PT-8100 and PT-8200) use Qualcomm’s gpsOne GNSS technology (GPS and Glonass), which enhances the ability of the receiver to resolve positions where signals might be weak (e.g. inside a building) or subject to shading/weather, ionospheric distortion or reflection off structures (multipath interference).

About:    Located in Southern California, LiveViewGPS is a Location Based Service Company (LBS). It provides wireless location products and services for businesses, law enforcement and family safety. Its tracking devices include vehicle and fleet-tracking systems, asset trackers, trailer tracking systems, surveillance monitoring tools, people tracking devices and GPS asset protection equipment.

From detailed reports to accurate position updates, its tracking systems to provide clients with effective tracking solutions. Clients include numerous federal, state and local government agencies, Fortune 100 and 500 corporations, as well as numerous privately held companies throughout the United States and abroad.

LSMFT:  Local Significant Mobile Focus Today


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