Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

Good day and welcome to the weekly compilation of things mobile that illustrate, illuminate, infuriate and inspire for the week of Jan 29 – Feb 4.

But before we get to all that – the LAVA Mobile event is scheduled for Feb 21st, Working Village in Santa Monica at 6:30 PM.  Details here; Registration here.

Defenestration – Forbes

EU blocks Samsung FRAND strategy – Ars Technica

Just like being there – Sports Illustrated

Amazon S3 Growth for 2011 - Now 762 Billion Objects

Baby monitor – Connected World 

Why Gig? – Panasonic

Endpoint gets Worklight – PR Newswire

Gambling on Play for Free – Bally Technologies

Behind the velvet rope – Google

Lanyrd gets connected – ReadWriteWeb

Mobile dot gov – CIO

Where did I leave my stump – ZDNet

Brick & Mortar shoppers going mobile – Pew Internet

iRandomizer tether – AppleWizdom

No true Scotsman – LA Times

Verizon announces POS system – Vantiv

Xoom Xoom – All Things Digital

A billion here, a billion there – TechCrunch

Don’t leave home without it – Apple Insider

Firefox for Android – CNet

FB road block – Financial Post

That is enough for one week past.  Go mobile and learn something.




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