Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

Another week of stuff that we found while just browsing through the 3 or 4 dozen sites we regularly peruse.  Things about mobile tech or mobile businesses that we found jaunty, jocular, jannock, occasionally jejune.  Stuff for the week ending Feb 11, 2012.

The inaugural Los Angeles Venture Association Mobile SIG event at the Working Village in Santa Monica is Feb 21st at 6:30 PM.  Registration is now open at LAVA Mobile

A panel session featuring Andy Vogel (Tribune Company), Shuki Lehavi (Gumiyo) and Peter Marx (Qualcomm) will be moderated by Lori Kozlowski (former LA Times journalist).  The group will be examining the current trends in mobile business models – what works, what doesn’t and what is over the horizon.  LAVA Members and their guests attend free; $25 for non-LAVA members.

And now back to our periodic jabberwock

Patent truce for mobile tech – Tech Flash 

Seven Seals for Android – GigaOM

Cricket Muves Music – LA Times

Mobile health, or mHealth, technologies offer a range of potential tools, ranging from measurement to treatment. Image courtesy of Robert Kaplan.

Healthcare going mobile – California Council on Science and Technology

DIY Apps saving SMBs money – BusinessWeek
FB ads mobilize – PC World
LinkedIn ads mobilize – The Telegraph
Finger Pointing – PC Magazine
Easter egg hunt – cnet Asia
Occupy Apple – tom’s GUIDE
Down the other wrong path – Tech News World
So that is enough for this junket into the world of mobile models and services.  Have a good week.  Move on out and learn something.

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