LAVA Mobile event – 21st Feb – The Moderator, Lori Kozlowski

Over the next couple of days we’ll be introducing you to the great panelist who will participate in the inaugural LAVA Mobile event down at the Working Village in Santa Monica next Tuesday, Feb 21st at 6:30PM.  First up, though, is Lori Kozlowski, our moderator for the evening. 

Lori Kozlowski is a journalist and digital editor. Most recently, she served as a senior web editor at the Los Angeles Times, where she headed mobile technology and emerging digital platforms. She also served as a staff writer, writing about science, technology, and business. Previously, she was on staff at Entrepreneur Magazine, and has freelanced for various national publications. 


Registration for the event which is free to LAVA members and their guests is now open at LAVA Mobile.

Some other up for discussion that evening:

  • What are some unsolved business problems that mobile might solve?
  • Where in the mobile space are businesses beginning to generate new or incremental revenue?  What are they doing?
  • All our panelists are touching the local SMB space in some way.  What are the problems there, from a service provider and advertiser perspective and how can mobile solutions solve those?
  • What’s missing in the mobile ecosystem that is hindering success for some business models?  Point-of-sale technology for mobile coupon redemption, for instance.
  • What technology is missing?

Looking forward to a great evening of networking, audience participation and information sharing.


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