Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

This week, like many weeks before and many weeks to come, features a keen kaleidoscope of Kafkaesque, kickshaws and koans of all things mobile.  Kudos to those who post and opine – for the week of Feb 12 thru 18, 2012.  

But before that – time and space is running out on your chance to attend the inaugural LAVA Mobile event down at Working Village in Santa Monica at 6:30PM.  Register here:  LAVA Mobile.

On to the show:

FCC shuts off LightSquared – Wall Street Journal

Spectrum 4 Sale (202) 622-2000 – Bloomberg Business

You put your left foot in, And shake it all about – ReadWriteWeb

SMBs heart 4G, Smartphones & Tablets – Wireless & Mobile News

VZ CEO Mead likes where he stands – Global Telecom Business

Take 2 MedPods, no need to call me – Virtualization Strategy Magazine

Take 2 implants – the device will call me – Science Translational Medicine

Apps create privacy issues for kids – Federal Trade Commission

A billion here, a billion there and pretty soon you’re talking about a lot of smartphones – Forrester

#httpsAlwaysOn – Twitter blog

blackberry wireless server – Crackberry dot com on YouTube

Under the influence – US DOT

Two Fisted Talker – GigaOM

Destroying Android from the grave – ZD Net Hardware 2.0

End StackMob End – Tech Crunch

Take Note – All Things Digital

Hunting for a way – Information Week

Tasty – PC Magazine

Fabulous Phablet? – Slash Gear

Puma concolor –  LA Times

So it was a pretty good week for kewl news. Make next week better – go out and learn something!



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