Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

Greetings and Salutations.  Another week, another motley assembly of the maladroit, magnificent, melodramatic, mazy menagerie of all things mobile – for the week of Feb 27 – March 3.  The business, the tech, the devices, the observations and insights from a variety of online sources.

Change you can believe in– Boston Magazine

Heard the one about the scorpion and the frog – eWeek

RIM shot – All Things Digital

Venerable CWW Vulnerable – Times of India

LTE slow on the uptake – IT Business Edge

Wrong, wrong, wrong, maybe – BetaNews

Unlimited doesn’t mean Unlimited – LA Times

Small Cell Big Opportunity – CFO World

When you pry this iPhone from my cold, dead hands – PC Magazine

Fetish – Google Mobile Ads blog

Listen up – ZD Net

Broadband First Responder Networks Face Challenges – GAO

ARM twisting – Information Week

Short ARM – Pocket-Lint

Heard on the streets of Barcelona – TechCrunch

There’s an app for that app – All Things Digital

Fake but accurate – You Tube

Lies, damn lies and statistics – Customer Think

Dick the Butcher had the right idea – Ars Technica

No more cable pulling? – Automated Buildings dot com

A billion here, a billion there – Forbes

So that is last weeks installment of memorable mobile memes.  Have a good week.  Go out and learn something.

SYSHS – the (almost) weekly compendium of news about mobile business, trends, technology and economy by LAVA Mobile – a Strategic Interest Group of the Los Angeles Venture Association.


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