Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

LAVA Mobile event – ROI in Mobile: How to make money as an entrepreneur, investor, and advertiser, April 24, Santa Monica.  Details to come!

And now for our late review of the online posts, pronouncements and pedantic palabras  that make the world of ubiquitous computing so fascinating – for the week of Mar 25-31. 

No need for a spell checker – Technology Review

The Final Frontier – VentureBeat

Genomes now available – Amazon

Amazon came to play – PC Mag

Pathetic – ReadWriteWeb

A million here, a million there – ZDNet

A billion here, a billion there – RIM

Millennial IPO – Seeking Alpha

LivingSocial take out – All Things Digital

Big Box Out, Mobile In – Fast Company

The New Normal – E-Commerce Times

iOS Boxed In – InfoWorld

Disney DeNA made in Japan – TechCrunch

First! – USA Today

Quest for Browser – Wired

$15 for holding it wrong – CNet News

Yes – 92% of a market can be wrong – Opinno

SYSHS – last week: a compilation of online resources examining the rapidly expanding world of ubiquitous computing.  LAVA Mobile is a Strategic Interest Group of the Los Angeles Venture Association.


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