Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

LAVA Mobile event ROI in Mobile: How to make money as an entrepreneur, investor, and advertiser, April 24, Santa Monica.  Details this week!

Welcome to SYSHS – last week,  Apr 1- 7.  This week’s compilation of last week’s stories, opinions, products, press releases and analyses concentrated on mobile’s impact on business, technology, society and economics.   Happy Holidays.

Picture This – Appolicious

Turn off the LightSquared when you leave – CNN Money

Turn off the Five Zone LED Lighting System when you leave – Seattle PI

They can lose a dollar on every sale and make it up in volume – Chicago Tribune

Venta: Mercado Secundario – Huffington Post

Bloody Corker! – The West Australian

Huawei trying harder – MarketWatch

Amazon trying harder – The Droid Guy

Apple trying harder – Fortune

Suzuki drives Sony Mobile – Fierce Wireless

PayPal plays with prices/products – Venture Beat

Can you Eye-Fi this for me – PC World

JP Morgan has an app for that – Wall Street & Technology

Perhaps you need a dumbphone – PC World

Hot for iPad – Information Week

GoMo partners with Duda Mobile – The Next Web

The rich aren’t different, they own iPhones – GigaOM

Why is this not a surprise? – IT Pro Portal

Why this also is not a surprise – Information Week Healthcare

Free Apps Not Just Killing Time – IT World

Mac Attack – Intego

A renal bad idea – CNet

There’s not an app for that – ZD Net

Through the Project Glass – Google

eReading is Fundamental – Pew Internet

Lysis – Tech Crunch

More does not mean better – TG Daily

SYSHS – last week: a compilation of online resources examining the rapidly expanding world of ubiquitous computing.  LAVA Mobile is a Strategic Interest Group of the Los Angeles Venture Association.


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