Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

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Perhaps persistence does pay off as last week’s passel of opinions, insights and observations from the popular, pretentious, provocative blogs, articles and news about mobile technology, business and trends is particularly piquant.  For the week of April 15-21.

BYOD Party for IT Managers – eWeek

31 new flavors – Google Mobile

Can I borrow your phone?  I want to buy a sandwich – Pew Internet

Hot Java – LA Times

Big Mac attack – Information Week

Taste great, less filling – aweissman . com

Time synch – Huffington Post

28 nm Chips Don’t Grow on Trees – GigaOM

Cooper’s Legacy – NY Times

Just because you can – PC World

Killer Appliance – Engadget

Skate where the puck’s going – Seeking Alpha

Rare done – Mother Board

Boot to Brazil – Tom’s Hardware

Shining Path – Wall Street Journal

Picture this – Sophos

Nokia RIM Shot – PC Magazine

Location, Location, Location – Mashable

Speed trap – Business Week

Thats enough for last week.  Happy Earth Day

SYSHS – last week: a compilation of online resources examining the rapidly expanding world of ubiquitous computing.  LAVA Mobile is a Strategic Interest Group of the Los Angeles Venture Association.  LAVA Mobile is generously supported by E&Y and Gumiyo.


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