Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

The next LAVA Mobile event is Thursday night, June 14, 6:30 PM at tiato.  Mobile Mobile – the wireless products and services within and for vehicles.  Details forthcoming.

Another week in the book, another bunch of stuff that you should have seen about mobile business, technology or trends.  Let’s get to them!  SYSHS for last week, May 13 – 19.

And then there were none – BBC News

But it ain’t broken – CMS Wire

Change in Status – Fierce Wireless Content

That didn’t take long – All Things Digital

Grandfathercide! – eWeek

Typographiacide! – Byte

The Doctor will hear you now – NY Times

Talking Flight – Wired

Turn out the LightSquared – CNet

Spectrum games – PC World

Healthcare Unplugged – FCC

Neul hypothesis – Business Week

Besides the Improvement, You’ll Hardly Notice the Difference – EE Times Design

Buffalo Chips – PC World

Stalking iPhone – Ars Technica

Buzz – Network Computing

The textbooks said it couldn’t be done – Stanford News

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should – eWeek

Just because you can – Oh never mind! – ReadWriteWeb

Just because you can – at least do it right – eTail

San Diego? – Information Week

Bright! – Pew Internet

Siri:  Find me a good class action lawyer – Boy Genius Report

Time to defrag – Tech Crunch

Finally – a useful accessory – CNet

Can’t end on a bitter note than that.  Have a great week.

SYSHS – last week: a compilation of online resources examining the rapidly expanding world of ubiquitous computing.  LAVA Mobile is a Strategic Interest Group of the Los Angeles Venture Association.  LAVA Mobile is generously supported by E&Y and Gumiyo.


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