LAVA Mobile Event – 14 June, 6:30 PM, tiato

Mobile Vertical Perspectives:  Mobile in Automotive

As one of the largest industries in the world, automotive has been a fertile environment for innovation and new ideas. Today, every tier of the industry, from dealers and manufacturers to hundreds of technology and service providers, has been exploring various ways to harness the power of the mobile device to enhance and bring value to the retail automotive experience.  

Some of these mobile technologies provide new ways for consumers to find and buy vehicles while others provide enhanced driver guidance and control.  User smartphones are increasingly being integrated with onboard automotive technology to provide integrated hands-free telephone, safety, and on-demand entertainment.

This next installment of Mobile LAVA will explore mobile across the three dimensions of the automotive consumer experience–from Shopping to Purchase to Ownership.  We’ll ask questions about where inefficiencies lie and new opportunities wait for entrepreneurs to exploit.  

•             What are the different tiers looking to achieve from mobile?  
•             How will mobile enhance the actual driving experience, and
•             How will our devices interface with our vehicles?
•             How can mobile help surviving franchise dealerships stay competitive?

Registration is required:  After registration, please go add this event to your calendar at:

MVPs are an examination within specific verticals that are seeing the impact of mobile on business models, operations and customer interactions.  LAVA Mobile Strategic Interest Group and LAVA Mobile Events are generously sponsored by E&Y and Gumiyo.


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