Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

News:  June 14, LAVA Mobile introduces the MVP series at tiato, 6:30 PM.  Featured presenters will be Shuki Lehavi (CEO, Gumiyo) and Jim Hughes (Principal, IntellaCar). 

A bunch of great stuff you should have seen last week (May 27 – Jun 2) – so let’s get right to it!

Vacation Planner – eWeek

Question of Balance – Byte

VZ M2M HTI – Machine-To-Machine World

AMZN MVNO – Business Insider

Look before you Cricket – Christian Science Monitor

Cutting the cable – Wireless Seismic

Charging up TransferJet – TechWorld

We don’t need no stinking competition – Fierce Wireless

Conundrum – ComputerWorld

Flame War – ReadWriteWeb

Lost and Found? – the brainyard

Encuesta de Consumidores Hispanos – My Wireless dot org

Twitter:  Young, Urban, Mobile – Pew Research

Twits:  Dumb, Clueless, Politicians – Metro News

Did it take the bus? – BGR

Cool cat in a dog fight – All Things Digital

Who cut the fruit? – Tech Crunch

Low hanging fruit – The Register

Meeker’s Internet 2012 Trends – KPCB (11.3 Mb pdf download)

 Androids don’t swim – Slash Gear

 You think? – Wired

Over to the dark side – Venture Beat

The Mag 7 didn’t have magic bullets – Boston dot com

Netflix Surrenders – GigaOM

Intel inside San Diego – Know Your Mobile

Don’t use it while driving – Business Week via GigaOM

That’s enough good stuff from last week.  Get mobile and learn something!

The Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week is a compilation of articles, opinions, stories of interest to the mobile community presented by LAVA Mobile – a Strategic Interest Group of the Los Angeles Venture Association.  LAVA Mobile is generously sponsored by E&Y and Gumiyo.


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