RideShare exhibits at PortTech EXPO

Cleantech Open semi-finalist and friend of LAVA Mobile and Green LAVA will be a featured exhibitor at this week’s PortTech EXPO.  Thomas Pham has worked at improving RideShare 2.0, the mobile app that brings together commuters with empty seats and commuters who need a ride.  The service has a scheduling component but also allows ad hoc functions that fills open seats or provides flexibility for commuters that just need a ride occasionally.

Thursday, Sept 6, the PortTech EXPO presents a full day of panel discussions, breakout sessions, exhibitor space (indoors and outdoors), a luncheon, keynote address by CEC Commissioner Carla Peterman, the debut of a Class 8 EV, workshops and Award ceremony for the winners of the Sept 5 Pitch Competition.  A single registration allows attendees access to the event both days.  Go to PortTech EXPO Registration and use the promo code LAVA for a significant discount.

Rideshare, Inc. / Rideshare 2.0

Rideshare 2.0 is a web and mobile social network to crowdsource open seats in carpools and vanpools to build an alternative mass transit network for everyday commuters. Rideshare 2.0 takes the stress out of traffic for everyday commuters by having some else drive you to work. Rideshare 2.0 helps passengers save time over public transit’s hub-spoke system with our more efficient point-to-point system. Rideshare 2.0 gives passengers the flexibility with their schedule over traditional vanpools and carpools with our open seats reservation system. Rideshare 2.0’s target market are everyday commuters in Los Angeles and beyond who commutes more than 20 miles to work each way driving alone or taking public transit. We are currently testing our service from Antelope Valley to Glendale/Burbank area with workers at Sony, Warner Bros, and Nestle.

Rideshare 2.0 charges an average fare of $7 per ride for a commuter who travels 20 miles to work each way. We also offer monthly and unlimited ride programs for a discounted fare. Rideshare collects 10% per transaction with 5% service fee from the driver and 5% service fee from the passenger. We aim to profit $1 per open seat per day. Our target for our first year in service is 500 daily commuters to use our service bringing in $1.75 M in revenue.

PortTech EXPO 2012 is hosted by PortTechLA, a 501(c)(3) clean technology commercialization center and incubator program adjacent the Port of Los Angeles. The EXPO draws nearly 100 exhibitors, presenters and sponsors, and more than 300 business, industry, research and community leaders each year.


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