BIA/Kelsey’s Booth and Boland Featured at Mobile LAVA Nov 15 Event

Matt Booth, chief strategy officer and program director, Interactive Local  Media, BIA/Kelsey, stated that he remains “very bullish on interactive spending,  and especially on new mobile monetization methods, like point-of-sale offerings,  that are showing performance improvements. In fact, we expect mobile growth to  offset some of the slowing in core search and display in the outer years of the  forecast.”  MediaPost Publications:  Local Media: Slow Rev Rise, Digital to hit Double-Digits

Matt will be joined by Michael Boland, a keen observer of Mobile Local Media and its impact on ad spend, interaction and customer behavior.   “Overall, BIA/Kelsey reports that about 0.6 percent of local ad spending is currently devoted to mobile. Though this is a U.S. figure, mobile’s share and growth rate are projected to be similar in many other developed nations. Also, as this survey reveals, mobile’s current share of revenue is slightly higher than other local media, such as newspapers, which indicates a strong position for directory publishers,” according to Mr. Boland.   Majority of Directory Publishers See Mobile as Important Revenue Stream Over Next Three Years

BIA/Kelsey advises companies in the local media space through consulting and valuation services, research, Continuous Advisory Services and conferences. Since 1983, BIA/Kelsey has been a resource to the media, mobile advertising, telecommunications, Yellow Pages and electronic directory markets, as well as to government agencies, law firms and investment companies looking to understand trends and revenue drivers.

These are among the most insightful observers of the Mobile Local Media space and they will be sharing their insights and perspectives with Mobile LAVA tomorrow evening at tiato, 6:30 PM.  Pre-registration is required at the LAVA website.  This event is free to LAVA members, all others $35 to attend.

Mobile LAVA is the Strategic Interest Group of the Los Angeles Venture Association focused on the emergence and significance of ubiquitous computing.  The SIG and Mobile LAVA events are generously sponsored by Gumiyo and Ernst & Young.



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