The Real People Doing the Real Talk at ROC Thursday 28 Feb at 6:30 PM

This is an awesome time to be a founder and entrepreneur in Los Angeles. An intoxicating elixir of vibrant start-up communities; favored industries and memes for investment; incubators & accelerators; deep talent pool; undeniable positive momentum; remarkable universities; and, glitter and hype that accompanies fast growing businesses and fast liquidity events. So what is it like in a hot space, hot place and cold reality of innervating a start-up?

Mobile LAVA has invited some local, successful entrepreneurs and observers of the space to come and share their experiences, expectations, frustrations, insights and coping mechanisms. With great opportunities comes great responsibilities and the need to be always on, meeting goals, satisfying constituencies inside and outside the team, unrelenting drive, persistence, the ability to manage risks, people, perceptions and to maintain your humanity.


Matthias Galica will moderate the evening’s conversation.  Emcee at BEASTMODE.FM, curator at StartupDigest LA, village idiot, anti-socialite, secret admirer, student loaner, continental drifter, professional bootlegger, spin doctor, self-referentialist, road runner, personal journalist, cold-ass person of pallor.

And the cast for this performance:




Shara Senderoff – Co-founder of InternSushi, reps Silicon Beach hard in the 2012 Forbes “30 Under 30”, female Marty McFly.







Francisco Dao – Columnist at PandoDaily, founder of 50Kings, crotchety next-door neighbor.  (Be sure to read his recent post on “The Show”.)





GoldmanMatthew Goldman – Founder of Wallaby Financial, SMB/retail wunderkind, father, home improvement enthusiast.






Hepburn Kenneth Hepburn –  Founder of LivnGiv, sculptor-cum-accidental CEO, Founder Institute survivor, silver fox.








MacNaughtonAmanda MacNaughton – Co-founder of PromoJam, Silicon Beach’s “favorite daughter”, woman about town.

Further details coming.   Register now at Mobile LAVA.

Mobile LAVA is the Strategic Interest Group of the Los Angeles Venture Association focused on the emergence and significance of ubiquitous computing. The SIG and Mobile LAVA events are generously sponsored by Gumiyo and Ernst & Young.


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