LAVA Mobile is the Strategic Information Resource of the Los Angeles Venture Association dedicated to exploring the rapidly expanding universe of mobile technologies and business models.  We are convinced that mobile enabled technology, products and services will be among the most important drivers of social, economic and technical trends for the next several decades.  As such, mobile technology will be widely adopted by enterprises and consumers.  Demand for mobile applications, devices and expertise will stimulate investment in the founding, start-up and growth of  enterprises producing applications, commercializing mobile technology, businesses and services developing or incorporating mobile technologies, methods and economics.

Local Significant Mobile Focus Today is tracking the trajectory, growth and distribution of mobile technology, business models and emerging companies throughout southern California to characterize and illustrate the dynamic, rapidly evolving local mobile ecosystem.

Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week is the regularly published list of things online that caught our attention during the week.  It is a semi-serious look at the important things that influence the arc of mobile enabled devices, trends, economics and business models.

LAVA Mobile Events – the group hosts presentations and panel sessions throughout the year.  These events range from traditional panels sessions with local entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders or mini-TED events with technical experts or a series we call MVP – Mobile Vertical Perspectives which is an event focused on a particular industry vertical being changed by mobile enabled technology, business models, trends or economics.


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