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LAVA Annual Meeting Featured Speaker – Shuki Lehavi, CEO & Co-Founder, Gumiyo

July 10th, 7:00 AM at the Skirball Center, the Los Angeles Venture Association will host its 27th Annual Meeting.  The morning’s program, Mobile Ecosystem of Southern California and Beyond is being produced by LAVA Mobile, the Strategic Interest Group, is focused on mobile enabled businesses, technology, products and services.  Three invited experts will present a 360 view of the Mobile Ecosystem / Marketplace generally with an accent on Southern California.  Rather than the typical panel session, this event provides each speaker the opportunity to make an extended presentation of their insights, observations and perspectives from their unique viewpoint.

One of those invited experts is Shuki Lehavi, Co-Founder and CEO of Gumiyo.  As one of the earliest entrants to conquer the mobile space, Gumiyo founders recognized a need to help companies boast an integrated web experience across any platform and on any device.  As champions for businesses big and small, the Gumiyo platform delivers a website that responds perfectly on a desktop, mobile device or tablet.

The platform is currently used globally by leading publishers, technology companies and local businesses to power websites, applications and messaging programs. The platform integrates more than 1,200 data sources from inventory management systems, content management systems, customer management systems and more to ensure consistently updated websites.

Gumiyo’s services are commercially proven, powering more than 27,000 sites and apps, and reaching over 150,000 small businesses. Leveraging Cloud Computing, our technology is highly scalable. With a team of technology leaders, Gumiyo is currently deploying the next generation of its products, creating an optimized experience for every device and seamlessly delivering the world’s information, anytime and anywhere.

Shuki Lehavi started Gumiyo  in 2006, which offers the cloud-hosted tools to build SMS programs, mobile sites and apps.  Mr. Lehavi is an avid technologist with over 15 years of successful experience in managing and developing enterprise applications in the banking, healthcare, automotive, and mobile industries. He enjoys working with founders and solving business, product and technology problems. When he is not working around the clock, he spends time with his wife and 3 kids, and gets bypassed every year at the LA Marathon by the group of Elvis impersonators.

Joining Mr. Lehavi will be Joe Jasin, VP of Polaroid, SVForum Founder and Chair of Wireless Software Developers and Jeff Liu, Ernst & Young, Principal and Sr. Managing Director, US Group Head, Technology M&A and Capital & Debt Advisory. The program emcee will be Richard Koffler, serial entrepreneur, Tech Coast Angel, founding member of Tech CEO Network and Past President of LAVA.

Exhibit space and sponsorship opportunities are still available – contact len@lava.org for details.


iPhone lesson for our economy

There is a lot of reaction to a recent NY Times article on Apple’s production of iPhones in China.  It is a very important article for a number of reasons.  The most significant, IMO, is the recognition that these sorts of products for mass markets are not going to be produced domestically.  We can argue as some do about whether we should be trying to retain low skilled, low wage domestic manufacturing jobs, but the salient point is that the Chinese (and soon others will follow) are basically subsidising our consumer based economy through their industrial policy. 

Under these conditions, brands and developers of consumer products are acting rationally by moving manufacturing overseas.  We will not be successful competing against manufacturing firms in countries like China that use industrial policies to stimulate their economies.

The larger lesson for the domestic brands is not to fight this inevitable trend – rather to take advantage of this trend.  We can grow our economy through innovation and commercialization of technologies in which the US leads the world.  Let the manufacturing of high volume, low value devices go to those countries who need to grow their own economies through exploiting economies of scales.  We should emphasize the start-up and creation of advanced technology products and custom services.  And we should shift our remaining industrial production to focus on high value, low volume custom engineered products. 

Amazingly enough the US still manufacturers a tremendous number of products that are consumed domestically or exported.  And Los Angeles still ranks as the leader in domestic manufacturing.  It is incumbent upon us to continue to invent and innovate for mass consumer products even though those products will be manufactured elsewhere.  And we should continue to focus on the design, engineering and production of custom products locally.

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