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LSMFT: Punchcard Rewards Now Available from Local Merchants

What’s news: Pasadena based and Idealab backed Punchcard announced their retail “Gratitude Marketing” program for local merchants and their frequent customers.  Rewards are available from almost 150,000 local restaurants, retailers, theaters and spas in the southern California area.  Using a smartphone camera, the customer sends a photo of their receipt and earns “punches”.  The punches are then redeemed for cash or other rewards.

Punchcard was started in 2011 by seasoned entrepreneur, Andy Steuer, and is available for both iPhone and Android devices. 

About:  Punchcard is a mobile engagement and loyalty network designed to give merchants an effective way to retain customers while rewarding shoppers for making frequent purchases at their favorite retailers. The Punchcard app is a mobile platform that uses an electronic “punchcard” system that is easy-to-implement and simple to use for shoppers and merchants alike. Merchants get real-time data about their customers’ buying habits, as well as social and other demographic information that allows them to provide their loyal customers with targeted offers and rewards. Punchcard is run by Gigway, Inc., an Idealab company, headquartered in Pasadena and was founded by Andy Steuer in 2011.

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