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Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

It has been a lucent week what with LAVA Mobile successfully launching down at the Working Village (thanks, BTW, to all who made it successful!) and the usual ludibund logic, litotes, liturgies and logorrhea about all things mobile – for the week of Feb 19 – 25.

It happens here first – PC Magazine 

Spectrum 4 Sale, Cheap – Digital Trends

Don’t leave home without it – Mashable

Better Late? – LA Times

Way too little, way too late – eWeek

One from column A, one from column B – Antenna Software

MBI, proceed to runway 24 Right – IT World

GoPago what matters – Portfolio

Mozilla fighting the last war, again – tom’s Guide

SMB head in the clouds – Channel Insider

Heads up SMBs – Mobilisafe

We don’t care, we don’t have to…we’re the phone company – Small Business Trends

We don’t care, we don’t have to – BGR


Jailbreak – I download blog

Sharing is good – Google Mobile Blog

What do you mean there’s no app for that? –  the brainyard

And the last word today comes courtesy of a picture from ZDNet: Android malware up 3,325% in 2011.  Do be careful, but let’s get out and learn something.


2011 Smartphone shipments up 61% over 2010

IDC press release highlighted the strength in smartphone shipments for December.  The strength reflected in the Apple’s release of 4S and Samsung’s stunning growth with the release of Galaxy Nexus, moving easily past Nokia and snakebit Blackberry in market share. 

Top Five Worldwide Smartphone Vendors, Shipments, and Market Share, Q4 2011 (Units in Millions)


Q4 2011 Shipment Volumes

Q4 2011 Market Share

Q4 2010 Shipment Volumes

Q4 2010 Market Share

Year Over Year Change



















Research In Motion

























Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

Did you know that there about 300 articles a week published about mobile technology and businesses.  I didn’t either – I just made that number up.  In any case, here are a dozen+ things mobile that are delicious, delightful, decadent or defining about mobile for last week – Nov 13-19. 

Cisco preps WebEx and Jabber for a post-PC world – eWeek

Support Overt Pandering Act – Committee on the Judiciary


Salvation Army marches on digital payments – NY Times

Intel 4004 at 40 – YouTube

Twilight for box offices – MarketWatch

GoMo Mobilizes in Mobile – al.com

Amazing trend:  People download free apps – Digital Trends

Turkey moving forward as cashless utopia – the guardian

Universities discover students own smartphones – Mashable

Insurance Industry discovers customers own smartphones – Frost & Sullivan

Retailers discover shoppers own smartphones – Chicago Tribune

Healthcare industry discovers doctors own smartphones – InformationWeek 

RIM deep discounts Playbook – Toronto Star 

Birst into BI on iPad – TabTimes

j2 gives eVoice to iPad – j2

Fool me once – Google Mobile Blog

SuperOneClick on Fire – ReadWrite Mobile

7 Billion People, 6 Billion Mobile Connections – GSM World

Thank you for checking us out.  Now go out and learn something.  Have a good week.


Adobe abandons mobile Flash

In a bow to the inevitable, Adobe has decided to forego developing and deploying a Flash version for mobile platforms.  Flash is the undisputed leader in desktop video and games and so Adobe’s efforts to establish a mobile standard on that technology was understandable.  However, with a premium on battery life, some mobile designers (i.e. Apple) started to look at less power munching alternatives.  Adobe recognized this and began incorporating HTML5 into their viewing platform for Android and iOS.  HTML5 is quickly becoming universal and Adobe’s decision is no surprise – except to the shareholders and employees that suffer as a consequence.  This is all good for Adobe with groking the inevitable; bad for  the employees who now need a job; but better for all of us who will not have to go through the nonsense we saw with the browser & API wars of the late 90s.

More stories about Adobe’s waving the Flash flag here, here & here.


Mobile Ascending

A picture is worth a thousand words.  This little diptych from asymco shows unit penetration now over 85 million.    The rapid growth of iOS powered devices and explosion of Android devices is astounding.  And though having a negative sales impact on smartphones from RIM, MS or Palm, this is not a zero sum game.  New smartphone sales of all types are supplanting lesser endowed cellular devices.

Be sure to check this out – which shows you not only how fast the smartphone market is growing but how much headroom is available for these devices.  These growth rates should begin to slow and then plateau in the very near future (once the total base gets to about 50% of all cellular devices).  Simply at some point the rate of substitution falls off as all those who are going to switch will have switched.  There are still people using Dial-Up even when DSL or Cable are available to them.  Go figure.

LSMFT: On the GoWARE AppSource mobile app development service

Whats new:  Los Angeles based On the GoWARE has released AppSource, a mobile service plan for companies that have multiple mobile initiatives under development or released to the public.  AppSource is a scalable development platform for mobile application development and GoWARE is a service partner that can provide project management, design, coding, recruiters, trainers, testing and release for any operating system (iOS, Android, RIM) or device.

IT departments are being overwhelmed with business needs for apps as well as the pervasive use of consumer devices within the enterprise.  These apps will require integration with existing back-end (usually legacy) systems. For the app development side, GoWARE provides an enterprise solution that gives IT managers and executives a manageable method to develop and deploy apps – for internal use or by customers.  

About:  On the GoWARE  is composed of leading mobile development experts with a diverse array of skills, including project managers, graphic designers, programmers, integrators, instructors, recruiters, and testers. GoWARE enable our business clients to have a “one-stop shop” for all of their ongoing information mobility needs.  Each and every employee of GoWARE is carefully selected to find those rare like-minded individuals that share GoWARE’s passions, values, and mission.

LSMFT – Local Significant Mobile Focus Today

Stuff You Should Have Seen – last week

Welcome to this weeks installment of things bright, beautiful or bothersome in the world of mobile tech, businesses or devices that you should have seen Oct 30-Nov5.

IT’s Alive – PC World

Inscrutable – BusinessWeek

One man’s trash is another man’s app – USA Today

Dude – can I borrow some bandwidth – Network World

The future from a company with a limited future – You Tube

Corner Yahoo now serving Mojitos – eWeek

Remote access to your PC – there’s an app for that – InformationWeek

Bluetooth enabled hearing aids – MarketWatch

Sadly – there is an app for that – US Dept of Health & Human Services

The Doctor will read your text now – CMIO

There is an APK for that – Engadget

Hungry for apps – Pew Internet

Apps for hungry – ZDNet

Whats UP – All Things Digital

Thanks for stopping by.  Now go out and learn something.  Have a good week.